At school I had the opportunity to work on a film for a contest through the company Campus Movie Festival.

They go around the country to different colleges and give you a week to write, direct, and edit a short film.

I had decided to enter and see what comes of it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, and it was a lot of fun. I even think the final work came out pretty cool.

Travel through the psyche of a man who feels lost in his own dream world, as he discovers himself.

The film can be viewed at its official website at:

Improving the Surface Pro Exprerience with Google Chrome

So first let me start by saying that all posts regarding the Surface, are regarding the Surface Pro (not the RT model).  I cannot say what will/will not work with the Surface RT device (although I believe that none of this will work due to the fact that only Microsoft certified apps will run on the Surface RT [with the exception of a jailbreak, which I believe requires ARM compiled apps]).

Anyway, the first HUGE improvement I made to my Surface Pro the second I booted it up for the first time, was installing Google’s Chrome Browser. However, this isn’t the true solution.Google has another version of the Chrome browser that posses crazy magical powers not found in just any version of Google Chrome.

World! Welcome Google Chrome Canary. [Linked Here].

Chrome Canary is Google’s experimental version of Chrome including lots of features that you would not normally be able to access on the normal version of Chrome.

So the great part about Canary is that it by default has some built in touch-screen friendly features, such as upon tapping the address bar the on-screen keyboard will appear, but on clicking the address bar with a mouse or trackpad, the on-screen keyboard knows to obviously not appear.

Anyway, so here are some things I enabled to further enhance my tablet experience.

I would also like to note that I only have Canary installed, not the latest version of Google Chrome.

First things first, download and open your Google Chrome Canary.

Log in to your Google Account if you would like to sync your bookmarks, apps, saved account credentials, etc. 

Go to the address bar and navigate to “chrome://flags”

From there you will see tons of options that can be enabled and disabled.

I’ll tell you what I have enabled and you can make your own decision on what to enable for yourself.

Because there are tons of options I recommend ctrl + F and typing in the settings listed below:

  • Touch Optimized UI [set this to Enabled]
  • Enable touch events [set to Automatic]
  • Enable pinch scale. [set to Enabled]

Relaunch Chrome Canary and you should be all set.

Another feature that Canary has that official latest Chrome does not is that you can swipe back and forth on pages instead of tapping on the Back and Forward icons.

And now, there’s never the need to use Internet Explorer!!


And that’s how you make your Windows 8 touchscreen tablet/pc/whatever it might be, awesome!

Bye iPad!

I made a very strange decision a few days ago.

I decided to head to the local Microsoft Store near me, and I picked myself up a Microsoft Surface Pro (1).

Now, this sounds outlandish, and slightly odd for someone like myself, but I do have to say that thus far, it is really cool, and with a few tweaks and some slight modifications, I could see myself keeping this product.

Luckily, I do have until the end of January to decide if I do in fact want to keep the tablet/PC device (whatever Microsoft refers to it as).

So my next post (for real because I am about to type it immediately following this), I want to go over 1 extremely vital application I installed that absolutely without a doubt has drastically improved my experience using both Windows 8.1 and a Microsoft device.

My Latest Projects

For the past couple of months, I have been preparing and going through the process of creating a website for a Hair Studio. The process so far has been pretty rewarding, I got the chance to toy around with a bunch of extremely different mockups, and I thought I would take this opportunity to share the official website design.

I am really excited to start working on it, using the latest and greatest coding technologies out there.

So far, I have created a Web Font to be used for all of the icons, and I am working on creating a custom responsive website design so that the website looks great on small-windowed browsers and mobile devices.

The next project I also have on my plate is to create a website for the short film AMBER. It has been submitted to various film festivals, and I am extremely excited that I have been enlisted to create the website for the film.

The designs arent quite done, but I also plan to use some really interesting features available for HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

One feature that I am excited to implement are “motion backgrounds” where I would have a video that would be the actual background itself.

There even MORE I have been working on. I think I have mentioned it previously, but the project I’ve been working on slowly for the past year is making great progress, I can’t wait to release it and make it public. I think that if this becomes popular, a lot of users will spend a large amount of time on this site as a “procrastinator.”

Anyway thats all I can really say for now. My next post I plan to talk about the newly released iOS 7 jailbreak (as it is appropriate considering my post a few times ago about the upgrade to iOS 7 experience).

My iOS 7 Upgrade Experience

I have an iPhone 5, 64GB that is Jailbroken on iOS 6.1.2.

My decision to upgrade to iOS 7 comes from the only reason I Jailbreak is to remove the carrier name, remove Newsstand folder, and get BiteSMS, and iOS 7 adds so many new and great features that will overall enhance my iPhone.

I also suffer from the long-known “OTHER” Issue.

For those unfamiliar I’ll explain:

The Other Issue:

Plug your beloved iOS device into iTunes, and navigate to your device, so you can see how much space everything takes up.

For me, 10GB of my 64GB iPhone is “Other” which is very unfortunate. It is just unknown media/data/files, that seems to just be stuck there.

So for me, a large part of me /needs/ to upgrade to iOS 7 just to allow for more room for real media, such as music/photos/apps.

The Backup

Before updating, I plug my iPhone in, upload all my photos from my iPhone’s cameraroll to iPhoto, and start the iPhone backup on iTunes.

I do use iCloud, and even pay for extra storage, but iTunes backup is always a good idea just for a precautionary measure. What if Apple’s servers are down conveniently when I want to restore? iCloud is more my insurance policy, and if I don’t need to use it, I would rather not.

This backup is taking quite a long time though. The first backup process hung up iTunes when it had maybe 2% more to complete.

The other reason I like to do iTunes backups on top of the iCloud backup is because I am jailbroken, who knows what ghost files are leftover from the jailbreak that could negatively effect either iTunes or iCloud backups.

I say this from experience of losing almost 4,000 photos on my iPhone.

While this backup continues, heres why I don’t need a jailbreak anymore:

The Decision to Remove the Jailbreak:

Deciding to remove the jailbreak was a hard one, and took a few days to really decide if thats what I want. I would consider jailbreaking a luxury, and its a luxury that with each major iOS revision, is less necessary than the last.

Back to the “beginning of time,” with iOS 1, Jailbreaking was the only way to install “Apps” on your iOS (iPhone OS as it was referred to “back then”).

iOS 2.0 brought the AppStore into the light, and from there Jailbreaking was still the only way to have your own backgrounds, and many simple customization options that make your iPhone, your iPhone, not the stock iPhone. Not only were apps introduced in 2.0, but by the 2.0 release (this feature was back from 1.1.3) apps weren’t even able to do that famous wiggle, move around, or delete. (In 1.1.3 it was just to remove webclips).

iOS 3, added MMS (could you imagine your iPhone without MMS today?)

iOS 4 added multitasking, folders, notification center, real notifications, and so much more.

iOS 5 and iOS 6 were mainly feature updates

iOS 7 is certainly the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone was introduced. Throughout the years iOS has seen many minor modifications over a long period of time. The icons would update now and then, the apps themselves would gain more features from time to time, but iOS 7 just packs it all in together. 

My fear for people who have been using iOS Devices for years will update to iOS 7 and just feel hopeless in the fact that they may no longer “know how” to use their device.

There are so many new features for iOS 7, and I won’t go and state them here, but the “Mission Control” swipe from bottom feature is a gamechanger. Not only has all Flashlight apps become obsolete by Apple’s built in one, but quick toggles are no longer a reason to jailbreak. 

Wow. All of that and my iTunes backup still isn’t finished….

Finally 20 minutes after that last sentence it finished.

As ANOTHER precaution I’m doing a last minute iCloud backup from my device, which thankfully only takes a few minutes..

The Restore

Pressing that “Restore” button is potentially one of the most nerve-wracking procedure I have ever done, even though I’ve restored my device countless times.

Well everything after that sentence got deleted by the miracle of the internet, so I’ll just leave here saying it went by fast, and was super simple!

Digital Ocean > GoDaddy

Not that this is news to anyone, but I need to at least justify myself as to why I stayed with GoDaddy for such a long time.

GoDaddy is a slow, and expensive piece of crap. E-Mail, Hosting, Domains… Everything is just slow. Not only is it slow, but its insanely over priced.

I am getting everything I need from Digital Ocean, whcih GoDaddy charged me about $9 a month. I am saving about half that by using Digital Ocean.

Not only that, but GoDaddys’ “unlimited bandwidth” is such absolute garbage, and just a flat out lie.

There would be times I would upload a pretty significant amount of files to my server with GoDaddy, and then for at least an hour or two, the site would take like 40 seconds to load (it should normally take a maximum of 5 seconds).

Anyway yeah, the obvious is that they are garbage. So why did I stay with them for so long?

They don’t even have the best support… but everytime I have called, even if it was as long of a wait and time spent on the phone as with Verizon Wireless’ Customer Service (which is ALSO garbage but I’ll get into that next time I get fed up with Verizon), in the end, no matter what the problem I was having with GoDaddy, they always were able to help me solve it. 

I admit, I have called them at all hours of the day and night. I am typing this right now because I just got off the phone with them. (Its 1am by the way).

So what instigated this blog post? Well, I recently switched my hosting from GoDaddy to Digital Ocean. It was an extremely simple process, and worked very well. This was about a week ago. Everything was excellent… until today.

I sent a few emails (which is hosted by GoDaddy), all of which went through, but then I received a phone call asking why I did not respond to the e-mail. I figured it was a typical GoDaddy outage issue of some sorts.

Hours go by.

12 Hours go by.

I call GoDaddy, and they were able to provide me exactly what to do to make sure I get everything back up and running. 

So if GoDaddy has anything running for them, its their customer service.

Everything else is garbage.

I just found out today that NetworkSolutions has $0.50 domains… I am going to register ALL DO MAINS.

DigitalOcean is totally great though. I pay $5/month, I can customize my VPS, and its super easy to scale, which is exactly what I needed. I’ll keep my domains registered with GoDaddy for the mean time, but I am planning to completely rid myself of GoDaddy.

Speaking of which, I also found out that just added IMAP support, AND offers hosting your email with a custom domain. Considering moving to them.

Back to Tumbling

So I did realize that I haven’t actually been using Tumblr for the purpose I originally stated.

But that is going to change. I had way too much fun working on my Simpstagram (see previous post) script, and working towards a minimalistic and nicely coded publishable result.

I plan to just talk about any ideas I have or scripts I’m currently working on here. It’s probably a good way to track my thoughts (as far as development goes).

Anyways, if anybody reads this, since my first post, lots of things on my website have changed. I have taken an absolute minimalistic approach, and created a new logo during the process.

You can check it out here.

Also here’s an image of my site:



For the past week I have been perfecting my first Github repo: Simpstagram

Now it turns out I am pretty proud of it, for it being my first open source script I’m releasing. You are probably asking “What the heck is simpstagram? And why does it sound like Instagram?

Well, it is a great lightweight easy setup script that helps you retrieve your Instagram recent photos and put them places.

The possibilities are endless, and I have started with the very simple basics of just having them appear on a blank page.

Whats so special about this you ask?

It has a great setup wizard (retro Windows 95 themed) that brings you step by step exactly what to do, and what information you need. After that, just input a few simple credentials, and you can be on your way!

Even better, its only 4 super lightweight files! Just upload all of them to your server, visit the directory you uploaded it to, and be on your way. After the first setup, visit that same directory for your Instagram feed.

I plan to keep working on it, and if any suggestions come in I’d be happy to look into expanding the script to do more at some point.

I wrote this entirely in PHP, and I think it turned out pretty well. Feel free to fork it, eat it, spoon it, whatever you’d like, just give credit when due! 


Simpstagram Repo
Also check out to see what other work I’ve done.

I am taking a break from my coding marathon (about 4 hours now) to say that I have successfully parsed the LIVING HELL out of XML. It is MINE, I OWN IT, and it will do WHATEVER I WANT.

I was getting food on campus with a friend and we came up with a quick easy idea. Obviously “quick and easy” in relative terms.

I have been working on the foundation of it for the past 4 hours, and now that I finally have that, I think it’s time to get the rest of it going.

I plan to start the project by hosting it on the school’s network, and see where it goes from there. It could be big.